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Colorado Smonin Butts BBQ Sauce Co.

In rural northwestern Kansas in the early years, it's was well known that the farmers and ranchers who usually butchered their own pork, beef and poultry where self taught in different ways to cook, grill and smoke their own meats with various home made sauces and spices.

During the late 1950 and early 1960's, as a young man, Donald W. Davis became a butcher. Don experimented with old traditional recipes changing them to better enhance the flavor for his family and other families in the area. His delicious sauces and rubs were well known to his customers in northwestern Kansas and Nebraska. Some years later when his son, Craig, became a butcher along side his dad Don passed on a legacy of his secret sauce and rub recipes to Craig. 

For over 30 years now, Craig Davis, with his complete knowledge of cutting various meats as a butcher has became an expert at smoking meats. Craig has handcrafted to perfection his fathers' old recipes to create his own authentic Old Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce and Rub. Depending on the cut and type of meat, Craig likes to add some hardwoods like oak, hickory, cherry or apple to the smoking process. Seasoning your meat before smoking is just as important as the type of wood you use. Craig will glaze his ribs, pork, shrimp, and chicken with his sauces, to enhanced the flavor for a moist, rich and savory taste. He then serves his meat with a choice of seven sauces used as a dipping sauce.

Don and Craig had always envisioned marketing their sauces and rubs. Don didn't get to see this become a reality. In 2015, Craig Davis decide to honor his father, and share his family's delicious and authentic Old Kansas City Style Sauces and Rubs to families across the country known today as Colorado Smokin' Butts BBQ Sauce Co.

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