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Colorado Smonin Butts BBQ Sauce Co.

Once we give our handshake, Colorado Smokin' Butts BBQ Sauce Co. will provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations and we will work diligently to bring the very best products to you, your friends and family. We are positive you will be completely satisfied and happy with all of our awesome gourmet sauces, seasonings and rub products that we have to offer.

We are the fastest growing gourmet sauce company this part of the Rocky Mountains so we will keep all retail outlets informed on what new products we will be adding as we grow.

Craig Davis Enterprise, LLC 

Craig Davis / Owner

Colorado Smokin' Butts Barbecue Sauce Company

Official Members of

Kansas City Barbecue Society, Rocky Mountain BBQ Association


Colorado Proud.

Better For You, Better For Colorado !  

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