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7-7-2015 I'm not one for saying much as far as testimonials but I couldn't keep this to myself. The BBQ sauce and the Mustard sauce are so original and fantastic and unique! They have a bold taste that grabs you and brings out the true flavor of your meat. Especially the mustard sauce,. It goes great on anything your imagination will allow. I'm sold on Colorado smokin butts sauces and I look forward to more to come !            P. Rondo, North Carolina

7- 8-2015      Awesome Barbecue Sauce !!!!!!           S.Ortman, Guffey, Colorado

7-7-2015 Colorado Smokin Butts BBQ sauce and mustard sauce has a unique flavor. Normally not a mustard sauce fan, but will be using this on a great many things, not just BBQ! A great Colorado gift for my family and friends. Great label. Colorado

7-11-2015 I cannot get enough of this one of a kind BBQ and the mustard has a perfect blend of spies, The taste is just as good and yummy. It's my new favorite, won't be buying any other BBQ or mustard sauce. It's must try, guarantee you will love it too. Dawn C, Woodland Park, Colorado

7-13 -2015 One of the best Bbq sauce out there. Love it ! M. Davis, Kansas

8-9-2015 I have to say this is one of the best BBQ sauces I have ever tried! My kids love it! We eat it on steaks, pork chops, and our hamburgers. We can't wait to try the rest of the products! Impressive !      M. Horton      Kansas City

8-9-2015 Delicious! Finally something a little different. Amazing bold flavors really come out in these sauces. I would love to try the rubs as well. I would recommend to all of my family and friends! Perfect gift idea too.     Kansas City

3/13/18 I love your sauces and have been giving them to people who live here in California. Thanks for making them!   ~Lynette

6/3/19 Doing a pig roast for 4th of July with 100 of my closest friends and want to have the best sauces! Charles H.,   Colorado Springs, CO

4-21-20 We were introduced to your original sauce which was part of a welcome to Colorado gift from our friends when we visited! Now trying other flavors.

Judi & Chris Cooke ~ Buffalo, NY

4/30/20 Fell in love with the sauce while working in Colorado. Back in Virginia now and order it online just tried the New pecan Sauce and its out of this world good.

Bill Mayo - Virginia


The best bbq sauce out there, hands down. We can’t keep it in the house!

Beth & Jesse Clark - Colorado


Just moved from Colorado back to Louisiana, and I MISS THIS SAUCE..BEST IN THE WORLD!!! My husband is a grill aficionado.... Your sauce is his, and my, FAVORITE!! THANKS AGAIN!



We absolutely Love your sauces !! You're the best !!

Claire McCutcheon

Westcliff, CO


Thanks for checking with me! This is why I

Love working with more local companies!

My son has loved everything that he has tried.

He of course tried the Pueblo Chile sauce first, being a Pueblo native and having grown up on a farm where Pueblo Chile was a primary crop. He said the flavor was excellent.

He really liked the Peach and Honey as well. He said it had a great balanced flavor; not too sweet and not too savory.

I know he's used a couple of the rubs too, and was looking forward to doing a brisket soon.

I was pleased with the purchase because he's very much a connoisseur of rubs and sauces having traveled around the nation to attend and participate in BBQ competitions. He's also helped develop rubs for a couple of companies, so this was high praise!

I'm hoping to get to Big R soon to try them myself. I'm just waiting for COVID to slow down.



I purchased the original for my husband last year when I was in CO, and he said it's his favorite bbq sauce of all time! Can't wait to try the pecan and mustard sauces.



We used to live in Colorado and now vacation for the summer every year in Fort Collins and bring back your sauces when we come home, but this year of course we could not come so we ran out.

Thank you again and we love your sauces.

~Brenda~, Texas


I positively loved them! I shared a bottle with my uncle and he’s hooked too! I’ll be back for more when BBQ season hits again.

~Elissa~ Colorado


My son and his family live in Grand Junction, CO. During my visit in October he served smoked pork with the mustard sauce. Delicious!! I bought five bottles to bring home, but it was not enough!! My Bar-B0Que sauce order just arrived in perfect condition!

P.S. 11-26-20 Just had your mustard bar-b-que on leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich, YUM!!

~Jeanne, IN


Best I've found, we love your products!

Bow Creek Ranch, KS


We love the sauce. Green chili is our new fav for cooking with our burgers.


Berthoud, Colorado


Dear sir(s);

I am a backyard old guy that lives to BBQ as opposed to golf. My neighbors have nicknamed me “JB”, which is short for Johnny Briskit.

I buy 98% of my meats from Andy’s (Meat Market). They have your product. I like your products and have taken this moment, as I bathe my pulled pork with your Carolina “express”, and thought you needed a pat on the back.

Well done!


John Warner,DC

10/05/21I’d like to thank Smokin Butts for bringing a little bit of Colorado to Maryland for my native Colorado husband to celebrate his birthday. And I’d like to give thanks to them as a bottle arrived busted from transit and they sent a new one! Great customer service and my husband loves all of them, but really recommends the Peach and Honey! Great gift, great local company to support!”

Charity Blount

Wife of Colorado native

11/23/21   We picked up your sauce at St. Katherine's Winery (Palisade, CO). My husband and I love it. The mustard is to die for.  We've been smoking food since we got back. Mark's  been missing the sauce! We have rave reviews using this sauce:)

Janet Kotek, WI

3/28/22  Got my order Friday and tried out on ribs, chicken and bear, all were very good thank you, your new spice is very delicious and even taste good on eggs, also avocado dip, you will be my go to from now on. Fair prices. 


Henderson, CO

5/11/22  This is the only barbecue sauce my granddaughter likes....and that's saying something since we live in the land of barbecue! 

Constance Thompson

Richmond, TX

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