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We start out with our Original BBQ Sauce which is all natural, gluten free and MSG free. We then infuse with delicious medium hot Serrano chilies to give it an extra kick. The amazing thing about this sauce, out of the bottle it's not very spicy, but when it's heated, it releases the serrano oils and it gets pretty spicy. If there are people that don't like much heat but a good serrano flavor, leave it cold. For those that like it spicy with some heat, heat it. If you are looking for a Hot, Hot sauce, this is not it. This is a medium hot sauce. We have received awards for this sauce, as a glaze on ribs, and also judged as a BBQ Sauce. Put this sauce on any cuts of beef, pork, chicken, brats, hotdogs, & hamburgers. Use in baked beans, meatloaf and bbq meatballs. Each case contains 12/20 oz. bottles.
*Due to the "decanter glass shortage" we are having to bottle our sauce in jars.  Same Great Taste, different bottle.
In the brown bar below, indicate if this is a gift and we will include a card with your name and message.

One Case of Spicy BBQ Sauce

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