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Wild Game or Home Meat Processors - Pork, Beef, Wild Game.
One  8-oz. pagkage of Uncle Bemis Seasoning. Uncle Bemis created seasonings many years ago and has been used since. Use any of these seasonings to make sausages, wheather it's for breakfast, spaghetti, bratwursts, or snacks. Game Hunters, these are all the seasonings you need. Uncle Bemis Seasonings are MSG Free, Gluten Free and all except Maple & Sweet Italian are Keto Free.
Each 8 oz. package will make 25-27 lbs. of Sausage. Directions included.Pick any one (1) package from these seasonings:
1. Bratwurst, 2. Breakfast Sausage,
3. German Sausage, 4. Italian Sausage, 5. Polish, 6. Summer, 7..Wild Game.
In the bar below, please note choice of seasoning. Indicate if this is a gift and the occasion and we'll include a card.

1 (8 oz.) Uncle Bemis Seasoning for Pork, Beef, Wild Game

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